Welcome to Supco

We have specially formulated products you will soon come to love and not be able to get by without. A breakthrough in cleaning technology that combines user safety with powerful cleaning performance. Contains non-hazardous components for outstanding cleaning. We have agents nationally and internationally stocking our excellent Supco Brand products.

Please refer to our agent map for an agent in your area. 

Supco was established in January 2016 as a Maintenance Supply Company for the Pharma sector. Being in maintenance supply we saw the need for good effective degreasers and then SUP20 was  born... Later on, our clients required a stronger product which lead to the development of SUP50. Our Floor & Tile products soon followed with a boom of new products in development... From part-time detergent manufacturing and supply, we went over to full-time manufacturing and supply of our very own Brand Products. We now have 14 full-time products with many more in development.....


Our Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and supply the best detergent products to all our clients from households to the heavy industry.


Our vision is to supply our Brand product to the National and international markers so everyone can use the Best of the best.....